Personal Nutrition Counseling

Kelly Velting, RD

Outside her work, Kelly is a wife, mother, and personal chef for her family of four.  Her family is all too familiar with food allergies and the personal effects on dining out or eating with friends.  She empathizes with clients who need to follow special dietary restrictions or alter their eating habits to maintain their health.

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Meet with a dietitian to help you balance life and nutrition for healthier day-to-day success.

Initial Consult

Meet with Kelly one-on-one or online. Expect to fill out some health questionnaires prior to your appointment to provide some background information. During this visit Kelly will help you make some personal goals that are achievable and realistic for your lifestyle. Kelly will also provide education about healthy eating and a healthy diet for your personal needs.

$250 for 1.5 – 2 hour visit.

Follow-up Appointments

During a follow-up appointment with Kelly she will review your progress so far and find ways to encourage you to meet your goals. Everyone finds motivation in slightly different ways. It’s important to understand what motivates you personally to help you along your journey. You may also need some “next step” goals to keep up your progress.

$80 per hour. (Appointments need to be within 6 months of the initial consult to be considered a follow-up)

In-home follow-up appointments

Do you need help one-on-one with cooking education, organizing your meals, menu, or pantry? Kelly offers in-home visits that can be tailored to meet your personal (or family) needs.

$125 per hour. (These appointments must be within 6 months of the initial consult for this pricing).

$375 for a 1-2 hour visit, if a new client.

Consult package

Pay in advance for your initial consult plus 3 follow-up visits and your final follow-up is half price.

$450 = $250 initial consult + $80 + $80 + $80 $40

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